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The VC for Israeli Founders Building Global Companies in NYC.

97212 Ventures is a next-generation VC and day-one partner for Israeli founders, providing seed capital and insider access to the NYC tech ecosystem.

Unveiling 97212 Ventures

A complete plug-in for Israeli founders, in NYC

It’s been a lifelong mission of mine to help Israeli startups at the earliest stages unlock their full potential and speed up their time to market. The launch of 97212 is the culmination of this journey. As a founder-driven fund we have a clear mission: investing early, working hard with Israeli founders on building their businesses in the US market, and providing real access to help enable your first major wins. Read More.

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97212 is a
true partner.

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Eyal and team at 97212 have been really great to work with as our earliest investors at Remepy. They are super fast, responsive, and bring strategic US connections which are qualities we always look for as founders. 

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Michal Tsur

Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Remepy

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We partner with founders from zero to one

Every company we invest in goes through a personalized journey with our team so you can hit three vital company benchmarks - early traction, ability to access smart follow-on capital, and a shortened path to product-market fit.

A complete plug-in for Israeli  founders, in NYC

We invest early, and provide unparalleled access to the NYC tech scene; senior advisors, design partners, potential partners, and customer introductions. This offers Israeli startups the opportunity to truly cut time to market, and get meaningful early wins in order to fast track their growth.

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We build your GTM board so you can take off

Access is a key ingredient for success in the US market. Through a rigorous matching process, we help you build and operate a GTM board of senior executives to supercharge your US expansion. They will work with you post-investment, and provide feedback on product development, market trends, as well as give you direct access to design partners, potential customers, and channel partners. Think of it as your “NYC network in a box”.

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