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Born in Israel.
Funded in NYC.
Scaled Globally.

We are a NY-based seed fund and day-one partner for Israeli founders building category-defining companies.

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Hitting the NYC ground running

Our check is just the beginning.
we jump in, roll up our sleeves and provide hands-on tangible value from day one.

A personalized

We prioritize quality over quantity.
Every company we invest in goes through a Personalized process designed to hit 3 company moments: early traction, funding, and product-market-fit, while eliminating unnecessary detours.

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Insider access 
to the NYC tech ecosystem

Access is key. We provide unparalleled access to the NYC tech ecosystem: founders, top operators and sought-after investors. You'll meet and engage with the best. Our network is now yours to keep and nurture. It's a powerful advantage that changes the company's trajectory.


97212 redefines the idea of value-add.

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“American and Israeli investors communicate very differently. We had no experience or understanding of how to attract US investors, customers, or talent. Having Eyal on our side helped us secure a seed round with 100% of the investors coming through warm intros made by Eyal. How many startups have that kind of investor on their cap table?”

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Omer Slavin

Co Founder and CEO at Beti

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