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Our thesis is simple. We invest early and focus on execution so you can build your dream company out of NYC.



We limit the number of our investments and selectively invest in a small set of companies.
This allows us to provide full attention and act on what we preach - be a dedicated long term partner for our portfolio companies.

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Pre-seed & seed

We engage early and love being your trusted partner and go-to advisor so you can bounce ideas, share thoughts and explore possibilities even before going all in. We anchor pre-seed rounds and join seed rounds led by fellow VCs from Israel and NYC who share a similar mindset and commitment to a long-term and successful partnership.


Deep Engagement

We wrap each company with critical resources, knowledge and a high-quality network while leveraging our strategic access to help our founders execute and drive outcomes.

Designed to enable execution

In today's startup world, where capital is in abundance, execution is more critical than ever and a true difference maker. With all that in mind our entire approach is designed around execution and driving results so you can move your company to the next stage.

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NYC Focus

We engage our portfolio companies with the best NYC tech has to offer. From meeting the right VCs to tapping into relevant early customers, advisors, industry experts and talent, we put a heavy focus on introducing our founders to some of the movers and shakers from NYC, when it matters most.

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